Apocalypse Cafe

Apocalypse Cafe is a Paltalk chatroom where people come to discuss the Christian faith openly without fear of reprisal. Opposing viewpoints are welcome and debate is encouraged. When there’s not an active topic, you’re going to hear impressions, jokes, prank calls, etc. Even trolls are welcome, so long as they’re entertaining!

To enter the chatroom, follow these instructions:

  • Download and install Paltalk.
  • Select “Actions” from the menu bar in the Paltalk client.
  • Select “Join a Chatroom”.
  • Under “Browse Categories”, select “Religion & Spirituality”.
  • Select “Christianity” and then double-click the room titled “Apocalypse Cafe”.


  • 04/17/14 – Paltalk’s voice servers are lagging. For the time being, cams will be disallowed in the room to help alleviate the lag. Room Rules updated.
  • 03/21/14 – Happy Birthday, techubus (Zach).
  • 03/17/14 – Room opened.